If you were to ask a Cyberpreneur (professional online business owner) what it takes to create a tremendously successful online business, more often than not he or she would answer you with just one word: Traffic. But how do we know that this is true?

Let’s examine the components that comprise a website “under the microscope.” In order to figure out why a website works so well, you have to first determine what makes it “work” in the first place. A website is basically an individual collection of information hosted by a server. Although the server is the “source” of the site, it is not its lifeblood. There’s only one thing that gives “life” to a website: a steady stream of visitors, also referred to as Traffic.

But how do we know that we’ve come to the right conclusion? Simple: What is the accepted standard of measure for websites to achieve prominence or significant ranking? The answer is: a high volume of traffic. Without a steady stream of traffic, a website has no chance for lasting success because traffic is the key factor that gives a website its significance.

So, if a continuous stream of unique visitors is what gives a website “life,” then is that all there is to having a successful website? On the surface this would seem to be the case, but there is another aspect of traffic that must be taken into consideration as well.

If a website needs traffic to become successful, then wouldn’t it be that much more successful if you could get the traffic to spend some time at the site? To find out if this is indeed the case, we need only to examine which sites are deemed the most successful ones.

Upon doing a search for the term “the most visited websites” using the Yahoo search engine, for example, several references to Alexa.com, a site that tracks the most visited sites for every country in the world, appear. Thus, Alexa serves as a recognized authority site on the subject of website traffic.

With this being the case, a quick examination of the types of sites listed in its top ten most-visited sites reveals that these sites offer a variety of things for the visitor to do at the site. Because of this, not only do these sites have the most traffic, the visitors that comprise this traffic are also staying at the site for a prolonged period of time.

These findings clearly demonstrate that the answer to the question of whether or not getting website visitors to spend time at the website will make a site more successful is a resounding Yes!

But we’re not through yet. There’s one more aspect of “Cyberpreneur Success” that we must consider. What brings the traffic to the website in the first place? Or to make it more personal, why do you choose to make a prolonged visit a certain website?

Here’s why: the website gives you what you want. You came to the site looking for specific information or content, and because you either found what you were looking for–or something of interest to you, your visit was prolonged. Having relevant, targeted content is also a vital factor contributing to a website’s success.

Based upon reviewing websites that are deemed “successful” by the Internet community’s standards, we can discover the criteria that contribute to that success. Through conducting a close inspection of these sites, a minimum of three common denominators appear that serve as key factors or benchmarks.

They are: a consistently high volume of traffic, targeted quality content and providing options that allow visitors to spend more time at the site.

By plugging these three key items into your website or blog, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a truly successful Cyberpreneur.