Stephen Boutelle--The Premiere Info-Strategist With a natural gift for teaching and training, Stephen E. Boutelle specializes in teaching small business owners who are either unknown or “adrift on the Sea of Sameness” to capture more mindshare to attract and serve great clients, leading to an expanding, successful and profitable business maximized to its potential that can provide them the means to enjoy the financial and time freedom they yearn for.

Also known as “The Premiere Info-Strategist”, this Marketer and Consultant began a life-long study of Direct Response Marketing in 1984 that grew out of several entrepreneurial experiences he had while growing up. Having been involved in  Online Marketing since 2000, Stephen has created his Own Brand of Success using his proprietary technique. His Signature approach,”Create Your Own Brand of Success,” provides a structured plan to empower small business owners to realize their personal and business goals. He willingly shares his knowledge and gifts to empower as many people as possible to achieve the success they desire.

Since beginning his online career he has co-created products with several top marketers, and assisted with live Online Marketing events including Michael Penland’s Internet Marketing and Joint Venture Super Conference and Ted Ciuba’s World Internet Summit, with a guest appearance during the Summit.

In 2006, by applying his unique success concept, he co-founded together with Mike Mograbi, who later sold it for over $100,000. That same year he also assisted Ted Ciuba in editing the manuscript for his book, The New Think And Grow Rich.

In addition to his marketing experience, Stephen has spent over two decades in Christian radio broadcasting as an on-air host, writing and producing commercials and promotions as well as doing voice-overs. He has also spent over a decade as a radio station News Director, including conducting live interviews and reports and researching, writing and producing newscasts.

During that time he also worked as an Administrative Assistant to the president of a regional healthcare provider, researching and writing reports, designing brochures, as well as managing a number of special projects. Using his extensive background in broadcasting and research, Stephen has created several products of his own. His background and love of internet marketing eventually led him into consulting with small business owners and non-profit organizations.

His life quote is from Master Motivator Zig Ziglar: “If you help enough people get what they want, then they will help you get what you want.” His motto (and business name, Eph5 Communications) is taken from Ephesians 5:16, “Making the Most of Every Opportunity.”

When he’s not working, Stephen enjoys spending time with his wife, his son and his daughter, working in the church they attend, visiting new and exciting destinations, and immersing himself in anything related to biblical Christianity, Personal Success, and Marketing.