It was an almost comical site.

He was standing there, trying to hold the door open as a well-dressed lady, obviously a person of wealth, stepped out of her limousine.

He couldn’t have weighed more than one hundred pounds soaking wet, but there he stood, valiantly struggling to be a gentleman. The wind almost took the door handle out of his hands twice, but still he managed to brace himself.

He was trying to catch his breath as she passed by, waiting in anticipation for those two simple little words that never came: “Thank you.”

Now before you get too upset about “that rich lady” not even recognizing the man’s efforts on her behalf, the same thing could have happened if the lady wasn’t excessively wealthy; in fact, you’ve probably witnessed (or experienced) a similar situation yourself.

The truth is, most of us often think that we’re too busy to take a moment to demonstrate an . . .

Attitude of Gratitude.

And, yes, I’m including myself.

My wife and I have sought to teach our two children to “use their manners” which also includes saying “Please” and “Thank You.” As I thought about this in connection with Thanksgiving, I began wondering about how this might apply to Online Marketing.

Let’s be honest: when was the last time you or I took a few minutes to express a word or two of appreciation and gratitude to the many people who, both directly and indirectly, have contributed to the level of success that we now enjoy?

And just how would you go about expressing your “attitude of gratitude” to these folks anyway?

Glad you asked!

For starters, let’s consider the people who have served as your coaches or mentors. Their influence and teaching have been instrumental in your life and business decisions, no doubt.

With that in mind, you might consider taking time to outline specific ways their advice has impacted your life and business. Then once you’ve done this, include it in a written letter of thanks to each of your mentors.

Next on the list are your JV partners and/or “Super Affiliates.” These people are a crucial part of your continuing success. Their cooperation and efforts have helped to propel your products and business to a new level.

How might you thank them? Perhaps you could spend some time making a phone call to each of them, thanking them for their willingness to support and promote you and your business.

Better yet, if these are long -term relationships, you might find out a couple of their favorite things, and send one of these to them–unexpectedly, of course–along with a personal Thank You letter.

The next group would be your customers–people who actually ‘took the plunge’ and bought at least one of your products. They too, are an integral part of your business.

How to thank them?

How about a free upgrade for the product they purchased, or maybe a discount on a future purchase . . . Again, a ‘subtle survey’ would help determine what would work best for your customers.

Let’s see . . . we can’t forget about your affiliates. This ‘army’, regardless of its size, often serves as the ‘bread and butter’ of many online businesses.

To thank them, you might consider doing a survey that asks them what they want or need: maybe you could offer them a free upgrade of some sort or perhaps a particular bonus item.

And of course, we cannot forget the many people who comprise your subscriber lists, whether great or small. After all, they continue to allow you to send your publication, information and updates to them . . . (Some of them have even chosen to overlook your email bloopers and stay on the list!)

One of the easiest ways to express thanks to these folks is by simply taking the time to say so in a special e-mail as well as in your newsletter. Along with the e-mail you might include a free download or bonus item that you know your subscribers would appreciate. Perhaps it might be a free ad, a discount, or a “lite” version of your product or service.

Another option would be to “go whole hog” and do the next best thing to taking out a full page ad in your local newspaper to express your thanks . . .

What do I mean?

How about creating a web page/blog/ or section of your blog that is your “Thank You Page.”

No, I don’t mean one for your product.

This would be your special “Expression of Thanks” where you would put in writing just how much those who have contributed to your success mean to you. Now, you wouldn’t necessarily have to mention names (your JV partners, affiliates and subscribers know to whom you’re referring).

Or you could use a more personal approach and put your thoughts in a PDF for each of these respective groups and then send it to them.

Who knows what might happen if just a few people took the time to do something like this–with no strings attached? Look, everything we do shouldn’t be based solely upon “WIIFM.”

Didn’t the Lord Jesus Christ say that it’s “better to give than receive?”

And when it comes to the extremely competitive world of online marketing, what better way to differentiate yourself than by letting those who have contributed to your success know how much you appreciate them through an “attitude of gratitude” expressed by sending those folks a genuine and unexpected “Thank You”?